What we do

We know the tech.
Let’s build the idea together.

What we do

Our work


We are a creative agency made up of a talented group of game designers, artists and developers.

We work in multidisciplinary teams to design and develop 3 different kinds of solutions for your business: videogames, gamification and engagement experiences.

We work alongside advertisement agencies, brands and companies that are looking for innovative solutions to enhance their productivity and engage with their clients.

Games make us happy because they are hard work that we choose for ourselves, and it turns out that almost nothing makes us happier than good, hard work.

Jane McGonigal, Reality Is Broken

What we do

Why do we do it?


The average videogame player is 35 years old. There’s a whole generation of people that have grown up solving problems through play... and for fun! We are not just talking about shooting games: puzzles, resource management, strategy design and improvisation under pressure are all things gamers have done.

We create solutions that produce results through gaming. This is done because when a person is entertained, happy and engaged things are done with the maximum effort. If a person makes a mistake, she learns and tries again. When we translate entertainment elements into a business context, productivity is optimized because of a paradigm shift: there are no problems but challenges, there are no chores but missions.

What we do

How do we do it


We listen. We understand the problems. We think of a solution, we validate it and implement it alongside our clients.

We combine several technologies in order to create what we think is the best solution for each one of our clients. Some of the tech we use are augmented reality, virtual reality, visual computing, sensors, bots, video game engines, apps, and so on.


We create videogames for console, PC and mobile devices. Our games are interactive stories; we try to push the boundaries of what can be told through a game.


We also create business software that intends to increase the motivation of the employees, optimizing the productivity in their processes or engaging your clients.

Tools for sales (an interactive catalogue, a VR tour or an augmented reality enhanced display window), learning (card game to learn how to do a job interview) or onboarding (mobile game to memorize the product catalog of my company), our work is to find an interactive and fun solution that helps unlock the user’s potential.

Engaging experiences

A portrait that keeps its eyes on you; delve deep into the machinery of a car; an interactive inbox to speak to ghost in the great beyond; a city that lights up depending on the feelings of its inhabitants; a monster that eats your children’s drawings and burps a live version of them; a magic mirror that adds your picture to a magazine’s cover; a shout volume meter for children.

We create experiences that mix the virtual with the real world. We create interactions that people enjoy. This is the way in which we intend that your clients don’t avoid your brand and, on the contrary, engage with it.